Tax Services

Get your Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC), file your monthly taxes (VAT & WHT) and clear your Tax Backlog

Tax Status Report

₦ 35,000

A Tax Status Report is a document generated for your company that tells you what taxes you need to pay, what taxes you owe (if any), and if you're exempt from paying taxes altogether.

TaxPro Max Registration

₦ 6,000

TaxPro-Max enables seamless registration, filing, payment of taxes and automatic credit of withholding tax as well as other credits to the Taxpayer's accounts among other features.

Monthly Tax Remittance

Starting at ₦ 7,000

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Withholding Tax (WHT)

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For June 2022

Tax Backlog Clearance

Starting at ₦ 26,000

This is for businesses that need to file overdue taxes, and obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate (where applicable).

Tax Clearance Certificate

Starting at ₦ 55,000

This is a document businesses obtain to indicate that they've filed all their taxes for the period of time specified on the certificate.