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With our in-house tax professionals, Venlab can take care of your business tax fillings needs.

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Tax Status Report

Generate a report for your company that tells you what taxes you need to pay, what taxes you owe (if any), and the taxes you’re exempted from paying.

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TaxPro Max Registration

In order to carry out tax registrations, tax filing, tax payment, and other tax-related services, every Federal tax payer needs a TaxPro-Max account.

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Monthly Tax Remittance

Remit your company's Value Added Tax (VAT) and/or Withholding Tax (WHT) to the Federal Government each month.

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Tax Clearance Certificate

This certificate is proof required by the federal government that you filed all of your company's taxes for the time period indicated on the document.

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Tax Backlog Clearance

This is for businesses that need to file overdue taxes. With this service, you’ll also obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate (where applicable).

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Why choose Venlab for your business taxes?


Your business taxes will be handled by our in-house tax experts who are directly linked to the FIRS and are accessible all through your tax process


Your business taxes will finally be made simple with Venlab. Everything, including when to pay and when not to, as well as what to pay for and how to pay it.


Our tax experts will closely guide you from the beginning till the end of any tax process.

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