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Starting Your Business

How long does it take to register a company on Venlab?

  1. LLC: 15 Days
  2. Business Name: 10 Days
  3. NGO: 10 Days

How do I receive my company documents when I register on Venlab?

Your original company documents will be sent to your email upon registration.

What type of bank account do I get when I register my company on Venlab?

When you register your company, a corporate bank account will be opened for you at Providus Bank. This can be used to conduct business transactions in and outside Nigeria.

Managing Your Business

Does my Finance Manager also help with Tax filing?

Yes. Your Finance Manager handles everything related to your company taxes.

Does my Finance Manager work from my office?

No. Your Finance Manager works remotely but visits your office every 2 weeks (if you want).

Can a Finance Manager help with sorting out my tax issues? Even from previous years?

Yes. Your Finance Manager will liaise with the tax office on your behalf, handling every tax-related matter on behalf of your company.

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