Business services

for Entrepreneurs

Book 1-on-1 meetings with experts in HR, Marketing, Finance or Legal.



Do you have questions about your taxes? Budgets? General Finances? Speak to a finance expert to assist you

Human Resources

Our HR experts can advise you on employee onboarding, role development and much more.


Speak to an expert to guide you through issues you may have regarding the legal side of your business.


Need help with marketing? Speak to a Marketing expert and find out the right channels & strategies to use.


Why Venlab?


On Venlab, you only pay for the services you need, and nothing more.

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We have worked closely with experts on making our prices affordable for all types of Entrepreneurs.


You can speak to an expert every week/month etc. You have the flexibility to choose whatever is most convenient.

Got Questions?

What can experts help me with?

Based on their experience, experts can help you make the right plans and decisions, put structure in place and guide you in many other areas of your business.

Are meetings physical or virtual?

All meetings are virtual, making it easy for you to speak to an eexpert from your most convenient location.

Can I speak to an expert about a business I haven't started?

Yes. If you plan on starting a business, you can speak to an expert who will guide you in setting up a proper structure for your business.

Can I book more than 1 Hour?

Yes, you can. Based on the time slots available, you can book consultations for the time you need. We recommend starting with an hour, in case you don't need any extra time.

Can I get experts on retainer?

Yes, you can. You can schedule meetings on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Do experts execute projects?

Experts help you put the right plans and structure in place but do not execute projects for you.

However, we can always put you in touch with our partners who can help you with execution.

You have some other questions?

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